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The Road to a Better You

Ion Wellness is all about health and wellness, from the inside out. We focus on three main areas; 

- cryotherapy for pain management, 

- movement therapy for refining one’s micro and macro movement patterns, 

- energy therapy to improve body functioning on a micro level. 

All are interlinked and can be used in isolation or in an integrative manner, all depending on the client’s readiness.

Kojo has spent and continues to learn from top specialists in the world of fascia, osteopathy, holistic health, physical training, neuroscience, movement neurology, and energy therapy. It is with this overstanding he can offer a three dimensional approach to his sessions; utilising cutting edge medical technologies, with in depth knowledge of both physical movement therapy/training and ancient healing practices. 

Kojo has learned from the likes of Paul Chek, Dr Sebi, Scott Sonnon,  Dr. Guy Voyer DO, Dr. Kucera of the Russian Space Medicine Centre, holistic doctor Jan Kubin, and Dave Fleming. It is this holistic understanding that allows Ion Wellness to offer an unbiased approach to rehabilitation, athletic conditioning and general wellness.

Kojo says the ‘micro affects the macro’. This means all the big movements that we make when we run, lunge, push, pull, twist, throw; start on a very minute level, a mechanical and neurological level. We are able to improve or correct both the neurological and biomechanical dysfunctions in the body by improving our awareness and control of the body and improving brain signalling. The brain is the CEO of movement. All pain, movement dysfunctions and injuries will on some level affect the brain. We assess the body from the neurological perspective. Clearing up poor brain signalling works towards dealing with the underlying issue, especially in chronic pain issues. It is only then that we can get the full benefit of movement training.

Energetic (bio-electrical signals in the brain) movements are the movements that initiate the movements you do in your sport, in the gym or in your day to day life. We can positively influence these ‘micro’ movements so the macro movements are cleaner and effortless.

Then it’s time to play.

Rewild your yourself.

Regain that movement and vitality that was once naturally there.