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Reduce Pain and Recover Faster

Inflammation is at the root of all disease and plays it's role in physical injury and infection too. Cryotherapy is a cold therapy treatment where the body is exposed to subzero temperatures to help reduce inflammation. Localised cryotherapy is targeted cold therapy treatment using liquid nitrogen to cool a specific area of the body that may have inflammation, swelling, pain or muscle soreness. During a treatment, blood vessels constrict which immediately reduces inflammation. After the treatment, the body warms back up and the influx of oxygenated blood further helps the removal of toxins from the injured area. Results are usually immediate but can improve over time.

Treatments vary from 4 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. Whereas whole body cryotherapy has a more systemic influence on the body, localised treatment will help with:

- decreasing inflammation in specific parts of the body

- reducing swelling

- reducing muscle soreness post workout

- reduces pain and increases range of motion



Freezing Beauty

The Cryofacial Express is a short 12 minute facial which utilises liquid nitrogen to cool the face and neck. This cooling constricts the blood vessels in the face (vasoconstriction), once the blood vessels dilate oxygenated blood and nutrients rush to the area, helping to replenish and revitalise the area. Some of the benefits include:

- decrease pore size

- reduced wrinkles and lines

- reduce dark circles and bags from under the eyes

- smoothens skin and increases collagen production

- helps combat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

The Cryofacial is non-invasive, 100% healthy and natural, and can also be applied with make on or off. 

How we look can affect how we feel. Now you can enhance your beauty without injecting toxins or applying unhealthy chemicals to your skin.



Neuro Therapy + Cryotherapy

This integrates the benefits of localised cryotherapy with a Neuro-Chi treatment. A session starts with a neurological reactivation of appropriate pathways to improve brain-muscle communication. Efficient functioning of muscles can be compromised through injury, bad lifestyle choices and stress. Neuro Chi will help improve the connection with the muscle, improve range of motion as well as reduce pain. To complete the treatment, localised cryotherapy is applied to problme area to further reduce the pain and inflammation.