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Insight Into How Stress Is Affecting Your Body

Heart Rate Variability is the time variance between each heartbeat. Contrary to common belief the heart should not beat with a steady pattern. The heart is controlled by the internal and external interactions of the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic branch of the nervous system (fight or flight) speeds the heart rate up, whilst the parasympathetic system  (rest and digest) slows it down. This interaction of both branches of the nervous system is happening every second; if there is poor communication between both branches then the difference between each heart beat will be steady - low variability. A variable heart beat interval shows good health and high variability.

This HRV testing gives us an insight into the functioning of the autonomic nervous. As the nervous system is the first to react in any situation (illness, dis-ease or stress) before physical signs can be observed, HRV testing is a powerful test to evaluate true health, vitality and overall fitness.

Many professional clubs use HRV to assess the stress levels of their players, and optimise their training program.

HRV gives a true indication of not only heart health but overall health and fitness. Our HRV equipment also gives insight into hormonal and cardiovascular activity.

It's always better to be more prepared than the challenges you will face. HRV gives us the insight that is needed to train smarter and adjust our lifestyle and diet however is necessary.



Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease

Scientists of the past have explained and proven that there is subtle energies that exist in us and around us. Most of the technology we use on a daily basis is a result of these energies - energies that are unseen to the naked eye. We do not see the X-rays when we go for an X-ray scan but we trust it is giving us an insight into our bodies, and we don't see microwaves but without a doubt that plate of food will be heated once you take it out of the microwave oven. Energy is everything, and with each year that flies by, we will all bare witness to the evolution of technology through the use of energy.

Neuro-Chi is not a new technology or system. It is not pseudoscience, wishful thinking. It is old science; Spirit Science and neurology unified.

Through Kojo's spiritual journey he was made aware of various healing practices that have been used for centuries. Combining this knowledge with his understanding in functional neurology, energy healing, kinesiology and physiology Kojo is able to assess various aspects of a client's health, and influence the healing process, reducing pain, improving movement and general wellbeing. Sessions can be done in person or long distant, all what is a required is a willing client that wants to get better.



Treat Insomnia, Depression And Anxiety, Improve Calmness And Creativity

A safe and effective method for treating insomnia, anxiety and depression, cranial electrical stimulation (CES) is a non-invasive method which stimulates alpha  wave activity in the brain.  Brainwaves are produced by electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. This brainwave activity varies in frequency from low to high and depending on what we are doing or how we are feeling this brainwave activity will change.

In the fast paced society of Western culture, we are constantly in a high state of alert or sympathetic, fight or flight mode. This state of 'being' produces beta brainwaves. Beta waves has become our dominant state, as it is associated with alertness, concentration, decision making and problem solving. Research shows that depression and anxiety has also been linked to beta wave brain activity.

Through CES, we induce an alpha wave state. Alpha wave activity is associated with meditative and mindfulness states, calmness, mind-body connection and a relaxed mental state. Neuroscientists have confirmed that an increase in alpha waves reduces depressive symptoms and increases creative thinking. The use of CES has been approved as a treatment for these mental issues as well as insomnia.

Treatment is non-invasive and very relaxing. Earclips are places on the earlobes and a microcurrent is sent through to the brain. Most people do not feel anything, but post treatment you may feel relaxed and potentially slightly tired.