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Flow Like Water

When it comes to physical training and becoming the best version of your self, you need to first form a relationship with all your 'parts'. To gain true awareness and control over your body, to injury-proof yourself, to be more resilient, you must pay attention to all the constituents that influence your body's ability to perform at it's best. A muscle's size and strength becomes irrelevant, if your brain has no map of the position of your body in any given environment. If a muscle is strong but tight, then it is weaker than what it would be if it were less tonic (tight). As Bruce Lee so aptly put it, "Be water, my friend". In softness, we find hardness. And just as water has the ability to explore every aspect of any vessel it is placed in, we should seek the same exploratory nature in our movement.

H2O Flow is all about mindful movement. Through spinal stretching, segmental muscle strengthening, myofascial stretching, breathing techniques, sensory awareness drills and play, we gain a better relationship with our bodies, and ultimately SELF. We move, feel and perform better.

Wherever you are in your training or rehab journey, H2O will clean up your movement. You've upgraded your phone, its time to upgrade your movement.  H2O integrates teachings from Dr Guy Voyer's Somatraining methodology with various movement and energetic practices, with the aim of:

- bringing your body and mind into balance

- decompressing and lengthening your spine

- breathing more efficiently

- stretching the enveolpe of the muscles to influence the hormonal system



Recover Faster With NMES

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation or NMES is the use of electrical impulses to stimulate nerves and contract muscles.  Electrodes are placed on the skin next to the nerve point of the muscle to be stimulated. The NMES device bypasses the nervous system and contracts the muscle.This impulse mimics the action potential sent from the central nervous system. For athletes and healthy individuals this means it can be used as a strength training tool and also to increase muscles tone and size. The technology we use allows us to recruit various types of muscle fibres whether fast or slow twitch, to target very specific training effects. This can be done whilst training or while relaxing on a massage bed. The benefits of NMES include:

- preventing muscle atrophy (wastage) after injury or post op

- improving muscle contractibility

- improve recovery time, reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

- neural and muscular adaptations such as improved strength, size and tone

- improve muscle endurance

- increase blood flow

- lymphatic drainage and capilirisation

- muscle re-education



Improving Your Posture, One Disc At A Time

ELDOA stands for Elongation Longitudunaux  Avec Decaptation Osteo Articulaire or in English LOADS (Longitudinal Osteo-articular Decoaptation Stretching). ELDOA is a series of exercises developed over 35 years ago by world renowned Dr Guy Voyer, that works at decompressing specific spinal segments, from the cervical to the lumbar spine. Specific postures are held which put fascial tension on the area being targeted.

The effects of ELDOA is both locally and globally:

- decompressing of the joint space between spinal segment

- increased absorption of fluid by the intervertebral disc

- improved posture and spinal alignment

- improved respiratory mechanics

- `better body awareness to correct unnatural posture

- improved neuro hormonal activity

Asides from the spine, there are ELDOAs for the skull, shoulders, sacrum and pelvis. Although highly popular within the professional sports world in America, if you have a spine then you will benefit from ELDOA. One of the implications of mental-emotional stress, poor lifestyle and injury is that it will impact the spine on some level. ELDOA can help correct the problems these create. Anyone can benefit from ELDOA; for sufferers of osteo-arthiritis, disc herniations, kyphosis, amongst other spinal issues, you have a method here that will actively realigned the spine and help reduce pain.