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What’s Available


Revitalise, Rejuvenate, Repair

Inflammation is at the root of all disease and plays it's role in physical injury and infection too. Cryotherapy is a cold therapy treatment where the body is exposed to subzero temperatures. This helps with decreasing pain and inflammation, We also offer cryofacials to help manage skin conditions and give a more youthful appearance.

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Move Smart, Look Healthy

The brain is the CEO of movement and fascia is the communication network the body uses to send and receive information. This paradigm of thinking is what we use to get people out of pain, moving better and ultimately the body they want. Our therapy and training respects the role of fascia in the body and the importance of improving neuromechanics.


The Micro Affects The Micro

Everything is energy. With this overstanding, we influence the healing process of injury and health dis-ease, through the use of advanced medical energy devices and hands on and off therapy. The human body is a complex system of systems and a 360 approach is paramount to encourage the healing process.

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